How to enlarge the penis at home, and is it possible to do so

enlargement of the penis

A penis for a man is pride, and very often the self-esteem of the stronger sex depends on its size. Nature has endowed someone with large quantities. Those who are not on the list of favorites, suffer from complexes, retire by themselves, avoid intercourse with women. When trying to solve the problem, a natural question arises: is it possible to enlarge the penis at home.

How to enlarge your penis at home

In intimate stores, there is a large assortment of various accessories and equipment for penis enlargement. To eliminate the risk of product misuse, follow the instructions in the kit. There are several methods of penis enlargement at home.

  1. Vacuum pump - considered the standard method of expansion, where the element is placed in a cylinder to be connected to the pump. The vacuum created causes blood flow to the male genitals. After this, the penis is compressed with a ring to avoid backflow. It is not recommended to use the ring for more than 20 minutes as there is a huge risk of tissue necrosis. Without consulting a specialist, such a procedure should not be performed, as it has a number of different consequences: lack of erection, formation of abscesses and hematomas, development of violations in the functionality of blood vessels.
  2. Exercise - the most common is jelqing. This procedure consists of pulling the head of the penis back in a relaxed state. Its duration is 40-60 minutes.
  3. Wearing weights - a special device is attached to the genitals and worn for 6-8 hours.
  4. Taking medication and using creams. These remedies are most often based on herbal remedies for the popular pill. Many people who use this method complain of complete inactivity of such means.

Most men who consider the size of their genitals too small are most often mistaken as the average size of the penis when it is tense is considered to be 10-15 cm. No doubt there are men whose size exceeds 20 cm, but this does not mean at all that everyone should be the same. Therefore, the desire to enlarge the penis is most often completely unfounded most often.